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Kühne + Nagel Logistics Centre (Tiel)

Speed and precision are everything in logistics, and it was exactly the same with the construction of the new Kühne + Nagel distribution centre in Tiel, Netherlands. The distribution centre, which spans almost 30,000 square metres of storage space, 1,250 m2 of office space and 2,220 m2 of mezzanine floor space, was fitted with all its electrical technology in a record time of just five months. "This project was uncharted territory for us because the construction period was so incredibly short," explains Edwin Ploeg von Leertouwer."Never before have we organised, executed and completed a project so quickly. We interacted perfectly with one another."

Project: Kühne + Nagel Logistics Centre

Location: Tiel, Netherlands

Installer: Leertouwer Eltechna

Products & solutions: Hager univers distribution board system, FW board flush mounted

Kühne + Nagel Logistics Centre

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Clusius College

Brasserie- Hotel Antje van der Statie

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