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Museu do Côa (Côa)

The cube-shaped museum in Côa towers over the landscape like a monolithic stone block – which is very fitting, since stone is a very important material in this region. Its rock art – discovered in the 1980s – dates back to 22,000 BC. The city’s new museum, constructed following an architecture competition, now provides a new home for many of these valuable artefacts. And who is the building technology provider? Hager is.

Project: Museu do Côa, Côa

Location: Côa, Portugal

Architect:  Camilo Rebelo and Tiago Pimentel

Products and solutions: univers and quadro plus enclosures, main switchgear, tébis system, visualization software, protection devices

Photographs:  Cláudio Reis

Municipal theatre

Music and art school

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Museu do Côa

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