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Terms and Conditions – Hager Group Memo Game

For legal purposes the German version must be used. The German version has been translated into English as a linguistic reference only to facilitate comprehension, and cannot be used in a court of law.

The game can be found on Hager Group website ( http://www.hagergroup.com/game) as well as on Hager Group’s Facebook fan page ( http://www.facebook.com/hagergroup) under the tab “Hager Group – Memo Game”.

The following entry conditions must be accepted upon registration by everyone wishing to take part in the game. The entry conditions provide information on the how to be in with a chance of winning a prize, as well as relevant time frames and exclusion criteria.

1. Hager SE (hereinafter: “Hager Group”) shall host the “Hager Group – Memo Game” (hereinafter: “Memo Game”) from 19th February to 11th March 2018. The time zone for this competition is the Central European Time (CET - GMT + 1). It is possible to play daily from 00:00 to 23:59.

2. All Hager Group fans who are of legal age are eligible to take part (worldwide). Participation using automated competition entry services or prize-competition clubs is not permitted.

3. You may take part via Hager Group website (www.hagergroup.com/game) or via Hager Group Facebook page.

Participation via Facebook: anyone who (i) has a Facebook account, (ii) has “liked” Hager Group fan page on Facebook, (iii) has submitted a correct and complete game registration form and (iv) has accepted these entry conditions and the data protection provisions shall be eligible to take part. No costs shall be incurred for taking part in the game. Participation is by no means dependent on the purchase of goods or the utilisation of services.

Participation in this game is free and participants are under no obligation to buy goods or services.

4. Gameplay: Each round of the guessing game will begin on Mondays from 19th September to 11th March 2018. Each round will last seven days, i.e. from Monday to Sunday. The objective of this game is to remember the objects shown on the cards and find their corresponding matches. When the game starts, there will be 16 face-down cards, each of them containing a picture. Clicking on any two cards will reveal them. If the revealed cards do not contain the same object, they will be faced back down after a few seconds. If the two cards form a pair, they will remain face-up. The game is finished when all pairs have been found. The time counter of time begins after the first click on the first card.

5. Prizes: Over a period of 21 days, a BOSE SoundLink Bluetooth speaker will be raffled off weekly among all fans who participated in the game during the previous week. All winners of the week will be informed throughout the following week.

To participate in the final winners draw, the participant must have played the game on at least 10 different days. The draw will be held at the end of 21-day game. The prize is a GoPro HERO6 Black camera complete with accessories (GoPro rechargeable battery, GoPro 3-way extension arm and a 64 GB microSDXC memory card).

6. By submitting the entry form, each participant agrees to Hager Group publishing its first and last name, in the event of a win, on the Hager Group website and the Hager Group social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, GooglePlus, LinkedIn).

The winner shall be notified via email once the game has ended; the prize shall be sent by post.  The Hager Group will cover the costs for sending these prizes. Prizes can be sent anywhere in the world.

The winners must immediately confirm receipt of the prize notification sent to them and provide all the information required by the Hager Group. If no confirmation has been received after 5 (five) working days, the Hager Group reserves the right to select a new winner.

7. Hager Group retains the right to suspend temporarily or terminate the Memo Game should unforeseen obstacles arise for which Hager Group cannot be held responsible and which cannot be resolved using reasonable effort and expense.

8. By taking part in the Memo Game, every participant accepts these entry conditions. All decisions are final. Prizes may not be awarded as cash payouts.

This Memo Game is not organised or sponsored by Facebook. Any information and data made available by the participant shall be used by Hager Group purely to host the Memo-Game. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the Memo Game are not to be sent to Facebook, but to Hager Group in its capacity as promoter of the Memo Game. Please see Facebook’s Data Use Policy (http://facebook.com/about/privacy) for information on how Facebook stores and uses participants’ data.



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