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Guessing round 6:

What is the total age of all Hager Group employees in China (in sum)?

Right answer: 53633

Winner Round 6: Jochen Wildberger

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Highscore list
  • Place 1: Mathieu KIEFFER
  • Place 1: Wurm Gerhard
  • Place 1: francis ritter
  • Place 1: Gabriele Nölting
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1. Hager Group has 6 sites in China.
2. Hager Group has more or less 1600 employees in China.

From 13th September to 24th October 2017 we will play six rounds of our new Hager Group Guessing Game with you. A new round of the guessing game, in which you will need to guess the right answer to a question, will begin every week. You can change your answer once per day. However, only the most recently saved guess will be considered valid at the end. You will find your current position in the highscore list to the right. First place does not necessarily mean that you have found the right answer, it could also mean that you are the one who currently placed the closest guess. 

At the end of each weekly round, we will announce the right answer and raffle a set of JBL Clip2 Bluetooth speakers, a set of two Osram Lightify Plugs or a Philips Hue White E27 LED lamp start kit among all those who have guessed the right answer. 


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  • Hager SE (hereinafter: “Hager Group”) shall host the “Guessing Game” (hereinafter: “game”) from 13th September to 24th October 2017.
  • All Hager Group fans who are of legal age are eligible to take part (worldwide). Participation using automated competition entry services or prize-competition clubs is not permitted.
  • You may take part via Hager Group website (www.hagergroup.com/game) or via Hager Group Facebook page. Participation via Facebook: anyone who (i) has a Facebook account, (ii) has “liked” Hager Group fan page on Facebook, (iii) has submitted a correct and complete quiz registration form and (iv) has accepted these entry conditions and the data protection provisions shall be eligible to take part.

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  • Gameplay: Each round of the guessing game will begin on Wednesdays from 13th September to 24th October 2017. Each round will last six days, i.e. from Wednesday to Monday. Participants can make only one guess on each of these six days. Only the most recently saved guess will be considered valid at the end. You will find your current position in the ranking list. However, if you are in first place, this does not necessarily mean that you have found the right answer as this can also mean that you are the one who currently has the closest guess. The right answer will be announced after each round. Every week, the Hager Group will be giving one of the following prizes away to those who find the right answer: a set of JBL Clip2 Bluetooth speakers, a set of two Osram Lightify Plugs (switchable plugs) and a Philips Hue White E27 LED lamp starter kit (including a bridge). If multiple participants guess the right answer, the weekly prize will be raffled between them. If nobody finds the right answer, the participant with the closest guess will win. This also means that if two or more users are equally close to the right answer, the weekly prize will also be raffled between them. Central European Time (GMT +1) is the time zone that applies to our game.
    <enum>The winners will be notified per Email and will receive their prizes per post. The Hager Group will cover the costs for sending these prizes. Prizes can be sent anywhere in the world. The winners must immediately confirm receipt of the prize notification sent to them and provide all the information required by the Hager Group. If no confirmation has been received after 5 (five) working days, the Hager Group reserves the right to select a new winner.
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