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Understanding and solving our customers’ problems
Hager Services
Annual Report 2016/17

Question 1 :

What will be the unique selling point of Hager Services?

  • Hager Services cooperates with a number of alarm system manufacturers

  • Smoke alarms with a service subscription will be available throughout Europe from 2017

  • Customers can book and manage an array of different services using a single smartphone application

The Winners

At the end of each weekly round, we will raffle a Philips Hue LED lamp E27 Starter Set 3 among all participants who have successfully completed the round. Take part in at least 8 weekly rounds to win an innovative vacuum cleaner robot iRobot Roomba® 980.
Week 01 : Playable from 25.04.17 - 01.05.17
Week 02 : Playable from 02.05.17 - 08.05.17
Week 03 : Playable from 09.05.17 - 15.05.17
Week 04 : Playable from 16.05.17 - 22.05.17
Week 05 : Playable from 23.05.17 - 29.05.17
Week 06 : Playable from 30.05.17 - 05.06.17
Week 07 : Playable from 06.06.17 - 12.06.17
Week 08 : Playable from 13.06.17 - 19.06.17
Week 09 : Playable from 20.06.17 - 26.06.17
Week 10 : Playable from 27.06.17 - 03.07.17
Week 11 : Playable from 04.07.17 - 10.07.17
Week 12 : Playable from 11.07.17 - 17.07.17


You can only take part in our competition, if you have answered all the questions correctly.

Question 1 : What will be the unique selling point of Hager Services?

Question 2 : Approximately how much turnover did Hager Services generate in 2016?

Question 3 : How many households in France have an alarm system with a subscription contract?

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Over the course of the 12 weeks of the game (25th April 2017 to 17th July 2017), we will ask you 3 weekly questions about the new Hager Group Annual Report 2016/17 that need to be answered correctly. If you don't know the answer to one of the questions, just look up the relevant article in the interactive annual report.

Only participants who have answered all 3 questions automatically will be able to submit the registration form, which enables you to automatically take part in the prize draw for the weekly prize.

We will draw lots among all those who have successfully taken part in at least 8 weekly rounds to see who wins the innovative vacuum cleaner robot iRobot Roomba® 980.


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Terms and Conditions

The game can be found on Hager Group’s website (http://www.hagergroup.com/annualreport-game) as well as on Hager Group’s Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/hagergroup) under the tab “Annual Report Quiz”.
The following entry conditions must be accepted upon registration by everyone wishing to take part in the game. The entry conditions provide information on how to be in with a chance of winning a prize, as well as relevant time frames and exclusion criteria.

  • Hager SE (hereinafter: “Hager Group”) shall host the “game” (hereinafter: “game”) from 25th April to 17th July 2017.
  • All Hager Group fans who are of legal age are eligible to take part (worldwide). Participation using automated competition entry services or prize-competition clubs is not permitted.
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  • Participation in this game is free and participants are under no obligation to buy goods or services.
  • The game will take place from 25th April to 17th July 2017 and consist of twelve weekly rounds. Each week, 3 questions will be asked about the Hager Group Annual Report 2016. At the end of each weekly round, Hager Group will draw lots among the participants who have successfully taken part to see who wins a Philips Hue LED lamp E27 Starter Set 3. All of the participants who have successfully taken part in at least 8 weekly rounds will be entered into the prize draw for an innovative vacuum cleaner robot iRobot Roomba® 980. The prizes shall be sent by post. Hager Group shall bear the respective shipping costs. Prizes may be shipped worldwide. The time zone of our game is the middle European time zone (GMT +1).)
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