Our E3 initiative

Our E3 initiative

successful with E3

As a family-run company with clearly defined values, we act today to ensure our success for tomorrow and the day after. One of the ways we do this is by investing in our employees and their skills development and training, as well as optimising our eco-balance and developing processes and solutions that are more energy efficient. Thinking and acting for the long term helps us systematically avoid risks and take advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities earlier and with greater intensity.

Sustainability is therefore the key to our long-term success. Although the maxim of sustainability is inherent in everything we do, we have summarised particularly sustainable activities in our E3 approach, which is divided into the three following areas:

E is for Ethics

Ethical principles determine how we act towards our customers, colleagues and society. We engage in continuous dialogue with key stakeholders.

E is for Environment

We handle resources carefully, avoid harmful substances and do our best to reduce our ecological footprint.

E is for Energy

We contribute to a more environmentally friendly use of energy through the development of: products that use energy more efficiently and production processes enabling us to save resources, providing pioneering solutions.

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