Daniel Hager

Dedicating all our energy to shaping the future.

Dear customers,
partners, colleagues
and friends
of Hager Group,

There are challenging times ahead for us all. To help protect our planet’s resources, the current energy landscape is being transformed. We are changing the way we think about buildings, traffic and infrastructure, because we all want to live safer, more comfortable and, above all, more sustainable lives. By exploring together new technologies and innovative ways of working, we are developing future-focused solutions for our customers, our partners and all those who believe in progress.

A lot of people may be talking about the future, we, however, are tackling it head on.

In other words, at Hager Group we are taking the future into our own hands. Together with our customers, partners, associates and employees, we are continuously reinventing ourselves in order to determine the road ahead. We are dedicating all our energy to it.

For the change that lies ahead, we need the willingness and ability to reinvent ourselves and say goodbye to certain things that may been helpful in the past.

In this Annual Report, you can read about how our Indian colleagues are supporting the future development of a country with 1.3 billion inhabitants, how new agile working methods are leading to previously undreamed-of results and how it is possible to still come out on top despite a bumpy start. These are just some of the many Hager Group projects that demonstrate our dedication to working towards tomorrow and beyond for our partners, our customers, our environment and, not least, for ourselves. We want to remain at the forefront.

The future will not wait for us, it is up to us to invent it, develop it and seize it with both hands. So, if you ask us when is the right time for change and transformation, there can be only one answer: now.

Yours sincerely

Daniel Hager

Chief Executive Officer

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