What about doing...

What about doing things differently? It all starts with a simple question. Why do we do things the way we do? Could there be another way? A better way? And what if we revolutionised the way we do things…? And so a simple thought grows, takes shape, gathers energy and momentum and people join the cause. The thought flourishes and then generates real change. To create change and innovate, new things must be tried and comfort zones left behind. These are essential steps in finding solutions that are better adapted to the new lifestyles of today and tomorrow. With sustained energy, we are making this transition happen day after day, year after year at Hager Group.

Title – ContentsEditorial – Daniel HagerIntro – What about doing...Electricity is the future – E3/DC and the future of power supplyThe reinvention of an entire industry – In dialogue with wholesale partnersEnergy for growth – How Hager Group electrifies IndiaDiscovering new ways of working – Agile project development at Hager Group“I never lose. I either win or learn” – Interview with coach Clive WoodwardThe power of connections – Achieving more with networking at Hager GroupHager Group – Our Supervisory Board on the Energy Transition – Board of Directors – E3 – Worldwide contacts – Facts & figures – Imprint – Hager Group Annual Report ArchiveHager Group Annual Report 2018/19Hager Group Annual Report 2017/18Hager Group Annual Report 2016Hager Group Annual Report 2015