Daniel Hager

Passionate people creating the change for a more sustainable world.

Passionate people creating the change for a more sustainable world

We are all part of a huge interlinked ecosystem and creating a sustainable world is possible if enough people want it. And it starts with each one of us. Our people and industry have the responsibility to lead the way and help contribute to this change. We are serious about sustainability and making changes.

Fancy sustainability reports and intentions only get you so far. What makes the real difference is people. Their drive. Their determination. Their passion. Their mindset. And there is no hierarchy for change making, we each have a role to play. Every step taken, however big or small, has an impact. Changes we make internally have a knock-on effect outside our company and we are proud to contribute to the greater good empowering our customers to be sustainable with us.

This year’s annual report focuses on the people who are passionate about making change happen and creating sustainable business across the board. They share with us what motivates and drives them to push forward. This is what sets us apart. We know that together we can achieve a more sustainable future. Togetherness is key, collective intelligence makes us stronger and more agile. The various chapters of this report show the direction we are taking and the initiatives that people have put in place.

This Annual Report is an invitation for you all to join us on our sustainability journey to shape the future together. A future that is electrical, decarbonised, circular and sustainable.

Daniel Hager

Chief Executive Officer

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