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Bürokomplex WQ 1

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Bürokomplex WQ 1, Bremen

There’s no better place to work in Bremen: right on the banks of the Weser, an office building with an extraordinary structure has been built on the last free plot of waterfront land of the Weser district. From the second floor, the WQ 1 projects over the promenades and opens up a panoramic view of the river thanks to its glass facade. Fitted with electrical solutions from the Berker and Hager brands, the WQ 1 is one of the first buildings in Bremen to have been awarded a DGNB certificate for environmentally-friendly, efficient construction.  

Projekt: WQ 1 

Standort: Bremen, Deutschland

Architekt: BRT Engineering

Produkte & Lösungen: B.IQ Tastsensoren, B.7 Steckdosen für Raumbediengeräte, Schalterprogramm Berker S.1, KNX IP Control KNX Logikfunktionen und Visualisierung, Hager Messwandleranlage, Univers Z Zählerplatzsystem