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two and half months ago, on 1st April, we flipped the switch and launched Hager Product Lifecycle Process (HPLP). Our new process is being taken on board by colleagues and taking off:

110 projects apply HPLP and we are welcoming new projects each day
280 people have been trained in applying HPLP
More than 500 people have participated in awareness training

Our journey has just begun. Be critical and let us know if there are things to improve. Also, if you see something promising, share your idea. To support HPLP we've created a poster with lively illustrations of all milestones, below is a sneak preview.

In the upcoming weeks we will update HPLP documents thanks to your precious feedback. HPLP is a major change for our company and we want you to see that you have a say in the improvement of the process. In the meantime, check out below some of the feedback we have already received from colleagues.

Kind regards,

Your HPLP Working Group
Lce. Chabrat, L. Chabrat, C. Nivelle, J.F. Bonnardot, P. Ragot, A. Friese,
A. Jungfleisch, I. Smith, O. Pradoura, P. Klein, A. Gstalter, M.Peter,
P. Dennler, J.F. Baptiste
HPLP Speaker's Corner
Recently, many colleagues have been busy to adopt HPLP and we have been collecting feedback and making HPLP better. We are appreciating to learn from your experience, ideas and criticism. Here is a brief selection of what you told us:
Q: How does HPLP improve things for you?

"To me, key benefits of HPLP are the additional phases involving Offer Management in M-1 to M1 and M5-6 to M8." Davide Gatto, Engineering Project Leader (Mazzano)
"HPLP clearly defines deliverables and checklists to be followed. No more excuses." Sergi Tornos, Group Leader PE Enclosures (La Roca)
"HPLP clearly defines the responsibility of each department." Jason, Engineering Manager (China)
"It provides us with a group wide standard, which makes it easier to work in cross-functional projects." A. Dossow, PE Manager (Heltersberg)

Q: How can we improve HPLP?

"Sometimes I am still struggling with the meaning of some points in the checklist. Maybe more explanation and examples can be implemented." Michael Gregor, Burkhard Krause and Erwin Oehlke, Engineering Project Manager (Schalksmühle)
"We need to clarify where to physically put the necessary documents or data. We need a shared storage space for data and documents and we need to define more templates." Walter Petrogonlo, Engineering (Emmenbrücke)
"We need to define who to get in touch with in case of questions during the application of HPLP" Manuel Hirsch, Quality Engineering (Karlsruhe)
"The documents could be easier to understand by eliminating acronomys." Sergi Tornos, Group Leader PE Enclosures (La Roca)

Q: What are key success factors?

"Communication and exchange between HPLP users are the key to learn from each other's experience. For example, how to improve the process, best practices and a common understanding of the different roles and responsibilities." Michael Gregor, Burkhard Krause and Erwin Oehlke, Engineering Project Manager (Schalksmühle)
"Now that we have common standards and rules, discipline becomes key to success" A. Dossow, PE Manager (Heltersberg)
"HPLP is a marathon, not a sprint. We need to continuously improve Hagipedia, HPLP and exchange best practices, espescially with those who are new to managing milestones and phases." L. Hurstel, L. Boros, S. Kerampran (Obernai)
HPLP Poster Coming Soon
Visualisations are a powerful tool to explain HPLP quickly with impact and emotion. Soon you will have this great opportunity at your fingertips! The poster features a visualisation of all milestones and more detailed information on the back.
Learning by Doing ...and Talking About it!
Do you have a HPLP-related question? You will likely find the answer on our Q&A platform! Here you will also find a checklist with 50+ improvements and remarks. The updated edition will be available by mid of July on our DMS.
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