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An alternative outlook on life

 “Wow! Great! Wild asparagus seeds, you don’t see that often,” says Edmond as he pulls into the side of the road near the train station at Chateau d’Oëx in Switzerland to collect some.

The world record breaker in speed snowboarding is probably one of the most unpretentious and hospitable people that you could ever meet.

His home is called “the chateau in the sky” by the locals because it’s perched high above the town of Chateau d’Oëx at the end of a winding gravel path. The views are breathtaking, and in the distance you can even see Mont Blanc, everywhere you look there are mountains and the constant tinkle of cow bells. What an idyllic place to live, train and work.
If he’s running down the slopes to train, hiking up them in search of mushrooms or finely slicing home-grown tomatoes with his specialty cook knives, Edmond does it all to the full, giving each thing he does his undivided attention and concentration. Away from the lime-light and communing with nature is how Edmond and his family have constructed their life for the last five years in Switzerland.



“Sure, I’ve been approached by different companies, but you know, it just didn’t seem to fit. I can’t work with people if we don’t share the same values - that’s important to me. I can’t endorse something I don’t believe in. Hager just felt right, not just a sponsor a real partner.”

You might ask yourself why Hager, a leading supplier of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings is sponsoring a sportsman…? Extreme ambitions, a passion for what we do, an innovative spirit, technological knowledge and long-term thinking are just some of the factors that reunite us.

Below there are four themed stories linking this Frenchman of many talents and interests - a nature lover, a family man, a cook, an olive grower, a sportsman capable of pushing his limits – to us, his sponsor, his partner.

When you break a world record, you don’t do it alone; the family, the team and partners are all there living and sharing these exciting and intense moments of passion and satisfaction.”


…preparing for the future is essential, be it for Project 2020 or a world record.



… be it our numerous solutions and services or high-speed snowboarding equipment.


Food & cooking

… it’s all about using the right ‘ingredients’ to achieve your ambitions of excellence.



… be it E3, sustainability or life style choices in harmony with nature.



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Blieskatel, 17th June 2015

Edmond Plawczyk at Hager Group in Blieskastel

At our Hager Group site in Blieskastel (Germany) on Monday 15th June we were happy to welcome Edmond Plawczyk. During the course of the day there was a meeting to discuss future plans between the speed snowboarder and Hager Group as well as a guided tour of our Blieskastel site. Edmond happily chatted to employees in the factory and even signed some autographs.


This courageous, authentic and determined sportsmen with whom our values and visions are shared had fun and relaxing day with us – not one @ 203.275 km/h! We're already looking forward to his next visit.


#speed202: objective 202 km/h

Edmond Plawczyk and Hager on track for record attempt!


#speed202 – a complete success!

203.275 km/h - Edmond Plawczyk sets record with support from Hager


Edmond Plawczyk at Hager Group in Blieskastel

At our Hager Group site in Blieskastel on Monday 15th June we were happy to welcome Edmond Plawczyk.


About Edmond Plawczyk

His vita

Some personal data about Edmond Plawczyk


His story

Edmond tells his story and talks about the connection between cooking and high speed snowboarding


His achievements and projects


#speed202 on Hager Group social media