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Hager Group Annual Report 2016/17: Added value

Only by really understanding our customers can we make them the right offers. Indeed, offering Smart Services is our way of establishing more meaningful dialogue with our customers, getting a clearer idea of their needs, responding with better products and solutions and creating added value.

As such, Hager Group has devoted the latest Annual Report 2016/17 to looking more closely at the added value that is inherent in Smart Services. We shadow the Hager quick-response team as it goes about its work, interview Martin Kaiser about his role as General Manager of Hager Services and recognise colleagues who have gone the extra mile for their customers. We also look at how the digitalisation of our company has enabled the launch of new services and simplified management of existing ones.

While we’re on the subject of digitalisation and fittingly for the ‘added value’theme,many of the articles have additional digital content and this even in the printed report. To access digital contents, simply download Hager Group Annual Report 2016/17 app in iTunes or Google Play Store and point your smartphone to the special + symbol in the brochure. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to meet a virtual reality version of our CEO, Daniel Hager now is your chance.

If your preference is digital, Hager Group Annual Report can also be read entirely online,enhanced by additional complementary videos, audio, image galleries, links to further information and other exciting features.

Martin Mosler
Senior Manager Corporate Digital & Talent Communications
Corporate Communications


Hager Group
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