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The Hager Group offers many interesting apprenticeships, partnerships and work-study courses as well as a trainee program for young professionals and commercial and technichal/industrial trainings. A large number of internships complete the diverse range.

Work placements for technical school students

General information:

Technical schools are places that build on general school leaving qualifications to provide subject-specific theoretical and practical knowledge and skills and lead to a higher education entry qualification.
In year 11 at a technical school, pupils not only receive lessons but also participate in a 46-week (52 weeks minus six weeks’ holiday) work placement in companies or equivalent work placement institutions. The work placement and subject-specific teaching must be related. This work placement is a constituent part of year 11 and the technical school monitors its contents and implementation.

Aim of the work placement:
The work placement enables a better grasp and understanding of theoretical topics. The interlinking of theory and practice should:

  • provide specific ideas and practical knowledge and skills as a basis for classroom-based lessons
  • act as an orientation aid for finding a job
  • facilitate the first contact with the world of work, its social milieu and the problems that can arise there

The intention is that in addition to professional qualifications, students should learn soft skills (e.g. teamwork, flexibility, independent working, reliability, etc.).

Areas of work:
Hager Group Germany offers work placements for technical school students in the areas of business and technology (metalworking and electrical engineering).
The work placement applicants undergo a site-specific selection process. 

Work placements for school pupils

General information:

The work placements for school pupils usually take place between years 8 and 10 and last two to three weeks in block format. All of the pupils in a year group generally go on work placement at the same time. The schools work with the companies to organise the work placements.

Aim of the work placement:
The aim of the work placement for school pupils is that the young people should gain initial insights into the world of work and first-hand experience of a typical working day. In this regard, the following personal traits are very important: punctuality, reliability, precision and good manners.

Areas of work:
Hager Group Germany offers work placements for school pupils at several sites in the fields of administration, technology, logistics and IT

Other work placements

Finished school and wondering what to do now? Do you have a school leaving certificate but are not really sure whether you want to start an apprenticeship or a degree? Are you unsure of what direction your career path should take?

Don’t panic! We can help! 

Hager Group Germany offers orientation work placements at several sites and in several areas of the company. A work placement lasting several months can be a great source of orientation because you can acquire valuable practical experience and make initial contact with potential employers. If you have any questions about an orientation work placement or any other work placement, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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