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Making our diversity an asset

In an interconnected world, success often boils down to human diversity. In our company, this diversity gives rise to an entire spectrum of talent, experience and perspectives. Diversity thus plays a significant role when it comes to innovative strength and strategic foresight. It ensures well-rounded decisions, fresh ideas and new perspectives that Hager Group can harness to tap into new growth potential.

With over 60 nationalities and a huge range of cultural backgrounds, languages and lifestyles, we already boast a highly diverse workforce. A Diversity Manager was appointed in 2012 to focus on diversity; we approach it from four different angles:

• Multicultural approach
• Gender Balance
• Disability
• Inter-generational approach

At present, 41 per cent of our workforce is made up of women and 59 per cent of men, all aged between 18 and 66 years old. 14 per cent of employees at management level are female. The proportion of disabled employees has steadily risen since 2010.


Multicultural lever

For us to accelerate and support our international development, it is crucial that we further improve our understanding of these different cultures.


Gender Balance

Through this commitment, we seek to ensure that employees of both sexes enjoy equal opportunities for development, training and progress.



For Hager Group, disability does not mean inability, but rather a different kind of ability.



What are the benefits for our competitiveness?

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