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Partnerships and work-study courses

General information:

Companies and universities work together in the form of partnerships. The practical (company) and theoretical (university) elements of this course type are of equal value and importance. In the work-study system, each term involves an approx. 1.5 to 3-month study phase and a practical phase of the same duration. Within the scope of the cooperative degree, the students complete the multi-week practical phase during the non-lecture period.
The work-study course takes 3 years, the partnershipcourse 3.5 years. Once they have completed their studies, the graduates have the necessary theoretical knowledge for their area of expertise, as well as basic and advanced practical professional experience and important key qualifications that cannot be acquired in this specific form in any other course.

Advantages of partnershipand work-study courses:

Thanks to the concept of switching between theory and practice phases, partnershipand work-study courses are characterised by excellent practical relevance. The practical side is not an ‘unknown quantity’ for students as it is an integral part of their course from the outset. By taking personal responsibility for projects within the company, they enhance their understanding of professional requirements even during their training. In addition to specialist expertise, the students also acquire important skills such as decision-making and social and teamwork skills. Seminar-like courses with a maximum of 30 participants make it possible to provide students with intensive, personal support and encourage the success of their studies. Throughout their courses, the students receive a monthly training allowance from their company. This enables them to concentrate fully on their studies, usually without having to rely on part-time jobs.

Further information on cooperative courses can be found at:

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Further information on work-study courses can be found at:

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Pre-study internships

Hager Group offers commercial and metalworking pre-study internships at several sites.


Partnerships and work-study courses

Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Technology
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering


The practical study phase and the final dissertation

Towards the end of a degree, students should take the knowledge they have acquired over the previous terms and put it into practice. This is the purpose of the practical project (officially ‘practical study phase’).


Interim internships

For many students, interim internships are a great opportunity to combine the theoretical knowledge acquired during a degree with practical expertise and to get a glimpse of potential areas of work for the future.

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