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We are caring for our people​

Your well-being and your health are our concern

Care management is considered an important in-house service provided to members of the Hager Group community.
As such, we continually develop and implement measures that are needs-based and targeted to the group on the following topics, and also take into account circumstances specific to country and local needs:

Sports and Relaxation

“A rolling stone gathers no moss” – exercise and sport make a sound contribution to the individual’s performance, fitness and general mobility.

This is why Care Management offers such a wide variety of activities to employees.

  • Participation in public sporting events
  • Training programmes, for example fun runs
  • Sport and exercise classes
  • and much more
Balance between work and family life

Care Management offers various services and opportunities for individual consultations to help coordinate professional and private lives:

Support and advice on all aspects of work-family life balance. We offer:

  • assistance with childcare
  • children holiday programme
  • assistance with care for dependent relatives
  • and much more
Ergonomics and Safety

Care Management at Hager Group also provides employees with different services, in collaboration with safety experts and occupational doctors. The aim is to ensure and improve the safety of employees at work as well as to raise their awareness of such issues.

Our propositions include, for example:

  • ergonomics advice
  • special programmes for trainees (e.g. Fit trainee)
  • road safety training
  • workplace training
  • ergonomics projects
  • and much mor
Health and Prevention

“Prevention is better than cure” – is the principle behind Care Management. Thanks to specific measures for the prevention and early detection of risks and illnesses, it is possible to promote and maintain well-being.

Care Management actively supports Hager Group employees by way of:

  • health days
  • propositions on the theme of the nutrition
  • cancer prevention and early detection
  • vaccinations
  • substance abuse prevention programmes
  • medical advice for travel
  • and much more
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