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Our personal development policy

When we talk about personnel development, we mean any measure aimed at the development and improvement of the performance of employees. This includes all the measures that expand and/or enhance existing employee qualifications, and/or provide additional skills.

We are committed to continuous personnel development through the following objectives:

  • encourage employees, so that they can develop further internally
  • develop the necessary skills of employees in order to achieve company’s objectives
  • improve employees’ employability

Additionally, we support our new employees during their training period. For the first six months, we offer an intensive induction programme so that new employees may integrate quickly and start their career with Hager Group.

Career Management

In order to support optimum professional development within Hager Group, we use a global career management system. This provides a structured view of the teams’ skills development.

The Career Management System provides a uniform process across the group to:

  • carry out automatic planning and promotion of development opportunities for employees
  • have an overview of the existing skills levelS
  • establish a targeted, medium-term planning for development and career as well as
  • promote internal mobility.

The basis of this system and its most important component is the PDP, the personal development plan. During the PDP objectives are set and development planned, as wella s a skills assessment. Every year, it provides managers and employees the opportunity to set individual objectives and express training needs and personal requests for change and to analyse the skills to be assigned per position.

Additionally, it is an opportunity to match employee requests with the needs of the company, and to include them in their personal development plan.

Continuous education

As part of the personal development plan to define objectives, development and skills assessment, our managers and employees are able to request specific training. Training is related to the individual objectives and company objectives, current and/or future areas of responsibility or skills of the employee and which will be required for their job.

Seminars, mentoring, coaching, project work and/or project support may all be used to build skills. Our continuous training catalogue includes modules such as a Management and Employee Management programme, as well as cultural and professional training packs and a qualification programme for personal development.

As we operate internationally, language skills are always important. They promote a trusting working atmosphere, better mutual understanding and enhance individual and collective success.

In that sense, Hager Group supports its international employees by building up and strengthening their language skills with many language courses targeted to company objectives and tailored to individual needs.

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