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We are shaping tomorrow's electrical world

Are you searching for a group that fills you with a strong sense of purpose? We are the one!

We are a leading supplier of solutions and services for electrical installations who always have, and always will put protecting people’s lives first.

But that’s not all we do. We also innovate within brand new business areas, such as networked housing, intelligent building technology, energy efficiency, electric mobility, vehicle to home and energy management.

We are experts within our field, with knowledgeable people working together to find solutions for our customers, but we can’t be the best at everything. That’s why we team up with expert partners to solve the challenges an electrical future brings.

As a family business, we keep a long-term perspective and think in generations.

Electrical energy based on renewable sources is key to creating a sustainable world. We are aware of the size of the challenge we face, and we can’t do it alone. That’s the reason we actively search for your competencies and solutions. Together we are shaping tomorrow’s electrical world by making peoples’ lives on our planet safer, cleaner and more enjoyable, today.

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Sustainability at Hager Group

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