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Hager grows again




At the beginning of the 1970s, the new Hager logo was used on all the company’s vehicles. Another milestone for Hager Group!



On y va !

In France in the early 1970s, the construction market is in full swing. To keep up with the demand, the Hager brothers purchase some land in the new industrial park in Obernai to build a 2,700 m² factory. In 1972, a further 2,700 m² is added in a second phase.


Customer proximity


It wasn’t often that these men – and it was just men – gathered around the same table together. That is because the Hager sales representatives were usually travelling around the country, visiting and listening to those that mattered: our customers.

Marketing in the 70s

A strong hold keeps everything secure – Don’t forget your Hager terminals!

"Who has the choice, has the agony!"

Annual Report


Baroque house

In 1973, 720,000 new buildings are constructed in Germany – an unprecedented number. The Hagers are also busy building: they extend their Ensheim factory by 2,000 m². The administration department moves into the restored “Barockhaus” (baroque-style building) in Ensheim, which used to be a monastery and belonged to the order of the White Canons. When the market for new homes collapses a year later, the young company is forced to switch to short-time working and lay off 70 employees.  


In-house sales team

In order to better serve its customers – electrical installers – Hager puts together a team of specialist advisers. The company’s external representatives are gradually replaced by an in-house sales team.


Hager grows again

The Blieskastel production site is built close to Ensheim and includes a state-of-the-art high-bay warehouse. The following year, a similar warehouse is built in Obernai. The first RCCB is also produced.



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