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Projects in Spain

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Adealba Hotel**** (Mérida)

Although it dates back to the 19th century, the Adealba is definitely a 21st-century building. The 18-room hotel has been fitted with the latest Hager building automation technology, so guests can enjoy a variety of different atmospheres. Possible scenarios include ‘romantic’, ‘sleep’ and ’Adealba dia‘ (‘Adealba daytime‘). In addition, the room can be put into ’out‘ mode at the tap of a finger – in this mode all devices are switched off, the shutters are closed and the air-conditioning is turned down.

Project:  Adealba Hotel****

Location: Mérida (Badajoz), Spain

Products and solutions: tebis home automation system (TXA207C, TXA213 and TXA223), Domovea Software TJ700A



Adealba Hotel****


Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel*****


Hotel Aneto****

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