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Terra Nord offices
(Kifisia, Athens, Greece)

Wishing to bring all its companies under one roof, Greek holding company Olympia Group realised they needed a new and bigger building. Looking for suitable premises, the company found an interesting, oblong-shaped building known as “Terra Nord” situated in Nea Kifisia, Attiki. The new offices, which are to house PPM (Public Media Markt), Sunlight, Westnet, Terra Nord and Olympia itself, have been designed by award-winning architects Gkotsis-Serafimidou.

Designed to exude a creative and friendly atmosphere which encourages teamwork and collaboration, the 11.500sqm four-story office boasts comfortable and flexible office space which can be adapted to the companies’ needs rather than the other way around. Equally important to Olympia Group is the environmental aspect of the new offices, with their brief to the architects stipulating their wish to keep the CO2 footprint as low as possible.

Hager Hellas has a long-standing fruitful working relationship with Gkotsis-Serafimidou Architects and Berios construction company so their desire to work with did not come out of the blueThe decision makers were able to see various Hager solutions that were displayed in action on the construction site; this supports making the right choice for any individual project that much easier. Our impeccable customer support and fast response times, all underlined by close personal contact with our client and the subcontractor (LPI Installations) always make the difference.”

The choice of our berker system was eventually also motivated by the range’s compatibility with a specially certified RJ45s which was part of the project requirements. Furthermore, the customer chose a Hager Group KNX system to go with the building management system as well as the VRV air conditioning and mechanical ventilation system for the offices.

The building project sustainable credentials are rounded off by ubiquitous special areas for recycling products, packaging and waste while the design of the building offers significant energy savings.


Project: Olympia Group - Terra Nord offices
Location: Kifisia, Athens, Greece
Products and solutions: KNX - Berker Q.3 
External partners: - Electromechanical study: LDK , - Construction Company: Berios
Architect: Gkotsis Serafimidou Architects
Pictures: George Messaritakis 



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