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Jewel Changi International Airport

"Jewel weaves together an experience of nature and the marketplace, dramatically asserting the idea of the airport as an uplifting and vibrant urban center, engaging travelers, visitors and residents, and echoing Singapore's reputation as 'The City in the Garden'." - Moshe Safdie (Architect’s own words on Jewel)

Jewel's purpose is to connect the existing terminals, merging a marketplace with a paradise garden for a new typology that serves as a heart and soul to Changi Airport. Jewel reimagines the center of an airport as a place where people are welcomed, welcomes, and valued.A major public realm attraction - Jewel transforms an airport's center into a range of facilities, such as a landside airport terminal, an indoor garden, leisure attractions, retail offers, and hotel facilities.Changi Airport Jewel's distinctive dome-shaped glass and steel façade enhances its appeal as one of the world's premier air hubs.

The glass roof of this building is shaped like a torus and accommodates the need for multiple connections in the airport setting. At the heart of its glass roof is an "eye" that emits water through a multistorey garden, spread over five stories to the forest valley at ground level.In the center of the program is a 24-hour multi-layered garden attraction, which provides visitors with many spatial and interactive experiences. Four cardinal axes are reinforced by four gateway gardens, which orient visitors and offer visual connections between them. Even at night, the building's glazed facade appears dematerialized, revealing a glowing garden within.

It took about six years to complete this impressive project, which was realized between 2014 and 2019. Due to previous positive experiences that Changi Airport Group (CAG) had already had with Hager's products and solutions during other Art & Architectures projects, they chose to use Hager products for this project. Hager was also quick to prove that it is exactly the right partner for this huge project. Hager solutions owe their use here to the strong push factor from the main electrical company, United Engineers Ltd, with whom they convinced the CAG stakeholders totally.

A sustainable cooperation continues to be a priority even after the completion of the project. Hager has provided and is still providing other product series from its extensive product line to Changi Airport Group (CAG), which is looking for our products for other Changi terminals. Hager modular devices, automated transfer switches, and other items are among the products available.

For everyone involved, the initiative was a success. Hager's seamless delivery stood out in this case, particularly the product's exceptional durability, which had already been tested in earlier CAG projects and proven to be exceptionally successful.

We are honored to have been a part of such a magnificent project and look forward to working with CAG in the future.



Project: Jewel Changi International Airport
Location: Singapore
Products and solutions: Hager Load Break Switch (LBS)
Architect: Safdie Architects
Collaborators: RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd (Executive Architect), PWP Landscape Architecture (Landscape Design), ICN International Singapore (Executive Landscape Architect)
Photos: Safdie Architects



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