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Steno Diabetes Centre
(Copenhagen, Denmark)

Bronze Ambition
At the end of 2021 the Steno Diabetes Centre opened in Copenhagen making it Scandinavia’s biggest and most modern diabetes treatment centre. This state-of-the-art medical facility contains everything a diabetes patient needs and is a striking architectural building in its own right. Once again, we are delighted to play our part in another superb medical facility. 

Unique facades – distinctive switches
Marked out by its bronze façades, the Steno centre is also noticeable for its attractive wooden interiors and here lay the challenge – create some unique switches to match with the two finishes.

Reliable partners – ingenious solutions
For this, our Danish partners Wexøe contacted Hager Manufaktur, the perfect partners for this kind of customisation project. Opting for the berker S. 1 range, and deciding upon a bronze switch mounted in wooden slats, the customer’s (Steno) wishes were granted! All thanks to a fruitful collaboration between the Centre’s architects and Manufaktur, who designed the perfect match for the facades and interiors by creating these unique berker switches.

Teamwork, imagination and flexibility between partners proves once again that close collaboration and co-creation with customers is the formula for success!

Project: Steno Diabetes Centre
Copenhagen, Denmark
External Partner:
Products and solutions:
Berker S.1 range


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