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(Berlin, Germany)

New media columns for a better education!
It’s extra satisfying when a new project has a positive impact in schools and this job at the Gustav-Freytag in Berlin is no exception. With more and more educational establishments upgrading their facilities these days, thanks to strong government incentives, we’ll be looking forward to many more success stories like this one!

Best in class sales approach!
We were able to inspire the planner of the Reinickendorf district office in the East region for our School Digital activity via the field service Uwe Harnack. The Digital Pact has been around for a while, but the schools and authorities have not been so active until now. The district Reinickendorf (district of Berlin) has under its administration 50 schools that should be equipped with about 40 media columns per school.

The Digital Pact
In case you didn’t know, it’s a 5 billion euro federal plan to equip over 40K schools in Germany with digital equipment, broadband and Wi-Fi, to give them a big leap forward in digital learning for primary, general and vocational schools.

How to plan a record-breaking order!
We did the preliminary planning work from the office in close coordination with the field service and all those involved in sales, and then brought the tender (with our product advantages) to the market. We then received the order from the electrical contractor from Berlin, Klüter (a loyal Hager, Berker and Tehalit customer) through the wholesaler Obeta, also in Berlin, for 2,000 media columns (a 2.5 million Euro order). This is the largest order for media columns in our company's history! We estimate the potential for Berlin alone with approx. 8 districts a approx. 1000 columns. ) All columns are equipped in the same way and only differ in length.

Listening carefully, meeting challenges with teamwork
The really big challenge here is certainly the availability of pre-material as well as the production capacity (approx. 1300 media columns annual capacity currently).

We set up a special task force for this order, which needs to ensure that the materials from purchasing, production and supply chain were also included. After intensive discussions during these rounds we confirmed the order 6 weeks after receiving it and we’re now delivering about 40 columns per week to the wholesaler Obeta.

Hats off to all involved in this exemplary team success story!

Location: Berlin, Germany
External Partner: Obeta, Klüter
Products and solutions: Media Columns


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