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16. February 2015

Assistance in action at Hager Group in China: “Hearts Tied to 1st June, Relay of Compassion”

“Hearts Tied to 1st June, Relay of Compassion” was a fund raising event that took place in summer 2014 in China, coinciding well with the celebration of Children’s Day. The Works Council at Hager Group in Huizhou China encouraged colleagues to participate in a fundraiser for primary school children resulting in the collection of a total of 442 books and 5,700 yuan in donations (over 800€). In summer 2014, the factory’s management team set out by car to Longyuanba Centre Primary School in Quannan County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province to donate the collection.

The donation ceremony was opened by a song from all the school children and followed by a few words from the Headmaster and a Quannan County Education Bureau representative to formally welcome Hager Group colleagues. In addition to the books and money, Hager Electric China also donated 100 sets of school desks and chairs, 3 computers, 50 Hager circuit breakers and sports supplies to the school. Dr. Li Yue, Country Manager Hager China expressed his high expectations for the children’s studies and growth, encouraging them to study hard. A student representative closed the ceremony with a speech of gratitude.

After this, our Hager Group colleagues were invited into the classrooms and out onto the playground to interact with the school’s teachers and students. The children spoke about their ideals, their studies of Chinese civilization, their schoolwork, exercise and safety. There was also a basketball tournament with the school’s teachers and some of the children even asked our colleagues to sign their homework exercise books.

“In times of fast-paced development, if in the city or the countryside, whether rich or poor, education is the foundation. Children are the future and helping struggling schools in remote areas is our incumbent duty.” Dr. Li Yue, Country Manager, China, Hager Group.

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