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15th May 2015

Hager Group at Expo 2015

It is launched! The Expo 2015 world exhibition has opened its doors to the public, and Hager Group is taking part. Some 20 million visitors are set to discover ideas and solutions for tomorrow's world in the vicinity of the Milan exhibition grounds during the six months between the beginning of May and the end of October.

Hager's contribution: innovations for renewable energies
As one of the key partners of the Consortium German Pavilion (ARGE), Hager Group is providing home automation solutions and distribution cabinets for the German Pavilion, along with switches and sockets. One of the highlights of Hager's contribution comes in the form of an innovative energy storage system, which is designed to store solar energy on-site and supply renewable energy to the pavilion. Hager Group is currently applying a similar energy storage systems at its headquarters in Blieskastel and in different residences in Saarland. "Energy storage systems are going to be an important component of our renewable energy scenario in the future," says Torsten Hager, expert in energy storage at Hager Group, "This installation offers Expo 2015 visitors the chance to experience the future of energy supply live and first hand."

Expo 2015: sustainable ideas for the world
Hager Group fits perfectly into the overall concept of the world exhibition with its innovations. Expo 2015 centres on the theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and intends to offer answers to the major future issues for global human nutrition. Values such as sustainability  and innovation will play an important role here, and these are also issues that drive Hager Group on a daily basis. After all, electrical engineering and world exhibitions share a history that goes back many years: it was at the legendary 1900 world exhibition in Paris that the extensive use of electricity was presented to an astonished audience for the first time.

The German Pavilion: a fertile landscape
The German Pavilion is designed as a walk-through landscape, offering insights into the innovative approaches to solutions from Germany under the title "Fields of Ideas". But no cereals or vegetables are harvested in this field; instead it offers a myriad of fertile ideas, sources of inspiration and energy. A key element of the pavilion's design comes in the form of stylised plants, which grow skywards from the exhibition as "idea seedlings". The protective canopy of these so-called “solar trees” contains organic photovoltaic modules; their solar energy is collected by Hager's energy storage system and used to provide lighting.

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and Messe Frankfurt appointed the Consortium German Pavilion Expo 2015 (ARGE) as the main contractor. The Schmidhuber office in Munich is responsible for the pavilion’s spatial concept, its architecture and general planning. Milla & Partner from Stuttgart is responsible for the content concept as well as the design of the exhibition and media. Nüssli from Roth (near Nuremberg) is responsible for project management and construction. Spanning an area of 2,700 square metres (overall area: 4,900 square metres), the exhibition space has the capacity for around 16,000 visitors every day.

This installation will allow hundreds of thousands of visitors to familiarise themselves with Hager Group's sustainable concepts and pioneering energy technologies over the course of the six months of the Expo. The "Field of Ideas" is bound to reap a rich harvest, that much is already clear. 

About Hager Group
Hager Group is a leading supplier of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our range of solutions and services extends from energy distribution to cable management and from security systems to building automation.
As an independent family-owned and family-run company based in Blieskastel, Germany, Hager Group is one of the industry’s innovation leaders. A total of 11,400 employees generate a turnover of approximately 1.9 billion euros. Components and solutions are produced at 23 sites around the globe and are trusted by customers in 120 countries worldwide.


-   External views (3D):
© SCHMIDHUBER / Milla & Partner

-   Internal views (3D):
© Milla & Partner / SCHMIDHUBER

-     Real view:
© SCHMIDHUBER / Milla & Partner / NÜSSLI


Press Release : Hager Group Expo Milano 2015 (DOC, 500 KB)

Press release : Hager Group Expo Milano 2015 Italian (DOC, 502 KB)

Pictures : Hager Group Expo Milano 2015 (ZIP, 44,3 MB)

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