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XPS plant (Boswil)

Secure energy supply is essential for industrial companies. That’s why the Switzerland-based swisspor Group is using Hager Group’s distribution systems and circuit breakers at its new plant for extruded polystyrene rigid foam. The plant covers an area of around 400,000 square metres and its machines have an energy requirement of 5.1 MWh – more than that of the municipalities of Boswil and Bünzen put together. The machines are powered via weber.unimes H distribution systems and weber.mes enclosures with Tertio parts by Hager. Further high-performance products used at the plant include tempower2 and tembreak2 circuit breakers, weber.vertigroup NH fuse-switch rails and weber.silas NH fuse-switch disconnectors to make the installation safer.

Project: XPS plant ( swisspor Group)

Location: Boswil, Switzerland

Architect: Jürg Zimmermann

Products and solutions:  tempower2 and tembreak2 circuit breakers, weber.vertigroup NH fuse-switch rails, weber.silas NH fuse-switch disconnectors 



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