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12th June 2018

silhouette: a recipe for success for the Australian market

At first glance, the launch of silhouette switches on the Australian market was nothing unusual. In reality, however, the range was able to achieve exceptional success thanks to a highly innovative approach, one that may be used as a template for effective communication between companies, partners and customers in the future.

After all, with a market share in Australia of less than 2% for switches and sockets, Hager Group has, until now, been a niche provider at best. When Hager Group’s powerful competitors present their new products, they often do so with a marketing budget 25 times that of Hager. One of the top dogs in the market took to renting football stadiums in all major cities for one of its launch campaigns. The stadiums were filled with partners and potential customers. “We knew that the only way to succeed in this environment would be to find a creative way to achieve broader exposure,” says Ross Magee, Managing Director of Marketing & Sales at Hager Australia. And it was this creativity that characterised silhouette from the very beginning.

For the launch of the silhouette range, Hager strategists developed something of a ‘David meets Goliath’ concept in the form of a dedicated plan to help their new product achieve maximum market recognition with limited resources. This included giving key construction companies, general contractors and architects a selection of test products. 

Over a series of events, construction planners were convinced to adopt the range of switches, whose minimalistic, chic design makes them an excellent fit for luxury residential buildings. Some 300 electrical wholesalers were also given large free-standing displays to promote silhouette on their premises. Other materials included a high-quality brochure and sales videos featuring electricians talking about the advantages of the switch range.

Most importantly, the silhouette team was able to convince 200 wholesalers to send their sales consultants on half-day introductory workshops. The sales consultants returned from these workshops with plenty of insight into the new range, as well as demonstration kits and product samples to share with their customers. As a result, the manpower of the 30-person Hager sales team was extended at a stroke.

And silhouette exceeded all expectations from the very beginning. Since the inception of the range in the spring of 2016, sales have increased every month. On three occasions, stocks were completely sold out, so customers had to go home empty-handed.

You can read the full story about silhouette in the Hager Group Annual Report 2017/18.

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