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20th December 2018

Hager China hotel solutions for the APAC region

Discover the Hotel of the Future, was the name of a Shanghai based event on the topic. On 29th November, over 60 guests, mainly from eastern China, were invited. Among them in particular were managers from the hotel industry, consultants, developers and interior architects.

A Hager Group building automation expert presented under the motto - Live the Future - Hager solutions to hotel chain representatives present explaining how they can offer hotel guests an unforgettable experience during their stay. As part of this system, hotel rooms are adjusted to suit the preferences of the guests: heating, lighting, music and curtains can be easily configured with the interface solution offered by Hager. The intelligent application of the new room control system can be used in the future not just in hotel rooms, also in lobbies, corridors, restaurants, meeting rooms and outdoor areas. During the event, Strategic Marketing Manager at Hager China, also explained the advantages of the new Hager wiring accessories dream, inspire and hmute.

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