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8th January 2019

Artificial intelligence is now able to free us from repetitive tasks!

So does this mean that we will be replaced by robots? And how will different technologies transform our lives and work? These are just some of the questions Daniel Hulme addressed during the conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Hager Forum. 

For this last conference in 2018 on 15th November, nearly 230 employees participated and got to learn more about artificial intelligence.  More than a hundred participants followed the conference live on the Internet.

Artificial intelligence explained simply

With simple explanations, Daniel Hulme made concepts related to digital transformation accessible to all. Do you want to understand everything about data sciences, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, blockchain…? Discover the conference in video.

You will also learn how predictive analysis works, what machines do well and what humans do better, and how artificial intelligence can play a role in human resources and management.

AI from the perspective of optimism and ethics

Daniel Hulme proposed an optimistic approach, without hiding the ethical and societal dilemmas that arise. “I think AI is now able to free us from boring repetitive tasks and this is incredible because it means the way is now open for us to do more interesting things.”

For more information on this subject, read the Hager Forum article.  

Hager Forum: live conferences

Throughout the year, Hager Forum offers conferences with experts; it is a shared moment to discover and reflect on current topics. These conferences are accessible to everyone live on the website and in replay.

Join us for the next conference that will take place early April 2019!

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