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Since 2010, grid-connected solar backup power supplies are produced under the brand E3/ in Germany and Switzerland. Innovative solutions for energy storage and electromobility allow for the highest levels of self-sufficiency and savings. Together with experts from Hager, E3/DC forms the new Hager Energy business unit.

The goal is to achieve sustainable new standards for a household energy supply that offers maximum performance and quality. The well-engineered technologies that originate from the automotive industry are used to make renewable energy available, not only in the area of mobility, but also in other areas of daily life. The company name E3/DC is derived from an acronym of the German words, “einsparend, erneuerbar, effektiv” (saving, renewable, effective), hence E3, and DC or direct current.

Since the company was founded, over 40,000 home power stations and Quattroporte systems are up and running at our customers’ premises, and are making a contribution towards the environmentally-friendly and cost-saving provision of energy. In our locations in Osnabrück, Wetter an der Ruhr and Göttingen, we have a workforce of more than 180 employees, who strive to make the vision of independent houses and enterprises, and also solar electric mobility a reality.

By storing and using solar energy, our independence from fossil fuel energy increases. Our energy supply can become up to 100 % autonomous. Every year, we produce over 16,000 home power stations, which are manufactured exclusively in Germany, and are subject to the strictest quality controls, in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

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