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2013 Annual Report

What drives innovation?

This is a question we have been asking our-selves more and more in recent years. Because markets, technologies and customers’ needs are changing faster than ever before, the highly sought-after “windows of opportunity” for establishing innovative solutions open and close at breath-taking speed. For us this presents enormous opportunities, because if we are good, fast and ahead of the field we can play a more active part in shaping progress (or contributing to this process) than ever before. On the other hand, there is also considerable risk: anyone who misses important developments and rests on their laurels will find the march of time leaving them behind even faster and more mercilessly than in the past.

Our customers, for example, silently weigh up good and not-so-good solutions every day, by opting for one and ignoring others. And the more customers we have and more diverse the markets are in which we operate, the more differentiated and specific our solutions need to be.

To develop these solutions we particularly need one thing: the people at Hager Group. A very important as­pect of our company is the huge diversity of perspectives, cultures, attitudes to life and experiences of the 11,400 employees who work here. All of them could contribute ideas, varying in scale from the very small to the very large, capable of changing Hager Group. For an idea to become a real innovation, i.e. for ideas to find their way onto the market, we need partners and leaders to help develop them.

Learn more about these “innovation drivers”, but also about the fac­tors that hinder innovation, in our new Hager Group Annual Report 2013. In there, you will also find the facts & figures of the company, current news and the link to the “best of 2013”, our last year’s highlights.

100% sustainable
Hager Group’s 2013 Annual Report has been awarded the eco-label « Der Blaue Engel » (The Blue Angel), one of the most demanding labels in environmental matters. The paper used is carbon neutral, made from recycled paper without the use of optical brighteners and chlorine bleaching. All other materials used to produce this report also comply with the requirements of the eco-label.

The Annual Report 2013 is available in printed form as well as in a multimedia version with many supplementary videos, picture galleries and links, and as an app in the Apple Store and for all android devices.

If you wish to receive a printed version of our report, please write us an E-Mail.

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