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05. February 2015

Witty charging stations win hearts in The Netherlands

What moves people? Cars of course, and why not people-friendly, environment-friendly and cost-friendly ones that can be easily charged with our witty charging station.

witty is not just attractive and user-friendly; its functionality is enhanced by its accessible plug storage, simple cable management and an illuminated LED window. It was no doubt these aspects that won people’s hearts at the car fair ‘Connected Cars’ in The Netherlands back in June in 2014. Earlier that year, Hager in The Netherlands, was contacted by an installation company (Mandersloot Installaties) to provide charging stations for show in a car fair.

As a result, a witty charging post was showcased for four days at the fair attracting a lot of positive interest. Later that year, Mandersloot on behalf of a Dutch cooperative for farming and horticulture requested 14 witty charging stations, no doubt because of the positive reaction to it at the car fair. Thus 14 witty.home units were ordered. Of these, 12 were placed in their parking garage and two in pride of position in front of their building in the visitor car park. Up and operational they do not cease to impress with their attractive design and functionality.

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