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His achievements and projects

His achievements and projects

At the top: 1992 - 2011
15 years of practice in alpine sports, several openings of corridors and extreme slopes, 5 years of practice in high-speed snowboarding (Kilomètre Lancé).

1997 World speed record with 190.124 km/h.

2000 Edmond participated in the Mad Masters (Vars, France), reaching 200 km/h but suffered equipment failure, which resulted in him giving up snowboarding.

2000-2011 Head cook in several Michelin stared kitchens and private chef for celebrated public figures in France.

Regaining the limits: 2011 - 2013
Resumes training and intensive snowboarding practicing.
Tests with high speeds in the wind tunnel (203 km/h).
Equipment development: new technical solutions for reliable aerodynamics
Resumes high speed snowboarding
Resumes alpinism and downhill surf on extreme slopes in the Swiss Alps

April 2013: in only 8 attempts, Edmond achieved the 168 km/h in speed snowboarding and beats three Swiss records, testing equipment in real conditions.

Birth of a new extreme discipline: highsurfing

The project: 2013-16
World record in highspeed snowboarding on the piste:

- World record 202 km/h
- Personal record 190 km/h

 World record in high speed snowboarding off-piste:
- All disciplines together

Cultivating personal brand as the gentleman surfer of speed snowboarding

April 2015: #speed202 – a complete success! On Friday, 3rd April 2015, Edmond Plawczyk reached a speed of 203.275 km/h in speed snow-boarding, smashing the previous record of 201 km/h.

Watch his preparations and the epic moment he beat the record here.

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