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Hager Group Annual Report 2015: listening

This is the central theme of the new Hager Group Annual Report. And the future that is talked about is not far ahead, it starts now! The world is constantly changing; as a result there are also big changes ahead for Hager Group. “In the future we will more or less double our turnover to 3 billion Euro and will grow to a company of 20,000 employees.” This is how CEO Daniel Hager describes his vision for the future of Hager Group. Without question, these figures represent a big but necessary step change. A bigger company also has bigger opportunities to define the future it imagines it.

Listening… Isn’t that what we all do, day in and day out? In fact, today we receive more impressions than ever before. And yet often something essential is lost. Because listening and understanding are two different things. Only those who can listen carefully can transform information into valuable knowledge. And only those who share this knowledge with partners and customers develop a true understanding of what lies ahead.

This annual report is therefore dedicated to the precious art of listening. Its chapters follow the themes of the Hager Group Project 2020, with which we intend to give our growth direction and momentum in the next five years. This corporate project is also a result of listening and sharing, because it contains the ideas and experiences of hundreds of employees, partners and customers from around the world who together devised our Project 2020.

The Annual Report 2015 is available in printed form as well as in a multimedia version with many supplementary videos, picture galleries and links, and as an app in the Apple Store and for all android devices.

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