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Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?

If you google “today” you will get 6,430 billion hits. For “about tomorrow” it will be about 2,200 billion, whereas “the day after tomorrow” will generate “only” 865 billion results. So what does this mean exactly? That what happens “today” is more important? Shouldn’t we all be thinking “about tomorrow”? And is then “the day after tomorrow”, for the time being, not that relevant?

For Hager Group this conclusion is not valid. Today, we already care about what may happen the day after tomorrow. As we are a family business, sustainability is naturally a part of our DNA. We are thinking, planning and acting for the long-term future and its consequences, this is essentiel for our success.

This therefore explains the title of our annual report: “Über Morgen”. We are talking about tomorrow and the long-term evolution of our company, topics that move us, new businesses and the question of how we can continue our success in the future, the day after tomorrow.
But also the stories of today and yesterday find their place: in several articles and portraits we present ideas, initiatives and the people that move Hager Group, as well as highlights from 2012.

100% sustainable
Hager Group’s 2012 Annual Report has been awarded the eco-label « Der Blaue Engel » (The Blue Angel), one of the most demanding labels in environmental matters. The paper used is carbon neutral, made from recycled paper without the use of optical brighteners and chlorine bleaching. All other materials used to produce this report also comply with the requirements of the eco-label.

The Annual Report 2012 is available in printed form as well as in a multimedia version with many supplementary videos, picture galleries and links.

You can view the interactive version on

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