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21th July 2016

Hager Group Young Professionals Club

The Young Professionals Club (YPC) is a talent management initiative built on a two year integration programme, established by Hager Group Sourcing in 2014.

Based on the success of the first programme our sourcing department has to organised a second edition of the club for 2016/2017; the difference being that now employees outside the Operations Services department can participate.

Members of this new YPC edition follow a two year integration programme financed by Human Resources. The HR team provides detailed information about the department, related peer functions and Hager Group as a whole.

This year, the YPC is a diverse group of 18 from Poland, France and Germany; its members were selected by Human Resources and Management according to the following criteria:

  • Under 30 years old
  • Relatively new to the company
  • A very good level in English

In addition to the above criteria, the participants had already shown their capabilities as talented employees in business activities.

Members meet twice a year and thus create a network facilitating internal communication. These Young professionals understand the interfaces between their own and other departments thus giving them a broad view of business which avoids silo thinking.Furthermore, Hager Management has the opportunity to work with the YPC to leverage the Generation Y mindset in the further business development.

The first YPC session was held in April 2016 in Germany. During the workshops, participants were supported by experienced colleagues who helped them to work on the company’s current topics and develop different approaches. All involved gave positive feedback about this initiative and value the fact that Hager Group is investing in a programme dedicated to developing young talents. 

This excellent initiative yet again proves that we at Hager Group are fostering our ambition to become employer of choice.

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