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Kipstadium (Tourcoing)

At the crossroads of the cities of Roubaix, Tourcoing and Wattrelos, Kipstadium is first and foremost a model for industrial wasteland redevelopment and land recovery. By taking on the legacy of a particularly evocative location – notably, the Grande Brasserie Terken – the Kipsta brand has firmly anchored itself in a regional setting, thus renewing ties with the flow of history and culture. In other words: looking back to better move forward. Kipstadium is a true observation and innovation laboratory for team sports: field hockey, cricket, baseball, American football, handball, volleyball, basketball, rugby, and football. All in all, 45,000 m2 of training grounds, equivalent to 20 sports fields (indoor and outdoor), a multi-sport hall, a team sport shop, an area reserved for employees and a food court that caters to the nutritional needs of athletes. In this vast, one-of-a-kind complex, Hager has created a set of electric boards to supply the electric distribution system that is distinguished by its power and solidity. This know-how was to put to good use by the Décathlon group, which heads the Kipsta brand, to ensure quality and reliability of operation.

Project: Kipstadium, Tourcoing

Location: Tourcoing, France

Project owner: Oxylane

Engineering consulting firm: Artelia

Electrical installer: Eiffage Énergie

Panel Builder: Eiffage Industrie

Distributor: Rexel

Products and solutions: Energy Distribution (Quadro+, Open H3 circuit breaker – 1600 A, Eight switchboards, Quadro, Vega D)



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