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2nd March 2017

Hager Group and Bluelinea collaborate in the development of intelligent assistance solutions

On 2nd February 2017, Bluelinea – business partner of the Hager Group – extended an invitation to a special event at the Hager Forum. Around 60 guests accepted the invitation to Obernai to get an insight into the latest developments in the field of ambient assisted living (AAL) systems. Daniel Hager, CEO of the Hager Group, also participated in the event and used the opportunity to present future collaborative projects with Bluelinea.

The event was the result of the new, dedicated policy aimed at vulnerable people and their environment and it aimed to reinforce this new dynamic. Laurent Levasseur, CEO of Bluelinea, saw this day at the Hager Group as an opportunity "to develop even more opportunities for growth and to speed up the national impetus – also in Germany soon." He encouraged potential business partners to work together to provide new solutions.

For Martin Kaiser, General Manager of Hager Services, the meeting at the Hager Forum had a symbolic meaning. The Hager Group and Bluelinea have shared the same vision since summer 2016 – both are committed to the continued development of ambient assisted living systems to ensure that the elderly can have the easiest everyday life possible. "This collaboration is important for expanding the product range of the Hager Group and finding an end-to-end solution for our customers currently in France and, in future, in Germany."

Bluelinea specialises in solutions and services for the elderly living at home. To speed up our development in the field of AAL, in June 2016 the Hager Group entered into a partnership with Bluelinea – a recognised French company in this field. Bluelinea was founded in 2011 and is today one of the major players in the silver economy market in France. As an integrated provider of services based on connected objects for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, Bluelinea makes life at home easier for these people.


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