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Hotel Intercontinental (Estoril)

Strictly speaking, it’s a wonderful five-star hotel. But in reality the Intercontinental Estoril is much more than that: a privileged vantage point overlooking the coast and the Atlantic Ocean. Here, nothing distracts the guests from the atmosphere of pure relaxation provided by the beach and the sea. And the electro-technical installations and building automation systems are just as harmonious as the location and the architecture. That’s because the planners relied entirely on Hager Group.


Project:  Hotel Intercontinental 

Location: Estoril, Portugal

Architecture/ Planning:  João Paciência 

Products and solutions: Hager quadro plus distribution board, Hager univers metering board, Hager FWB enclosure, Hager tebis building automation, Hager kallysto.art switch system



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