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Steigenberger Hotel am Kanzleramt, Berlin

“Am Kanzleramt” means “at the Chancellery”. And as the name suggests, the Steigenberger Hotel in the Lehrter district is situated in a prime location. Awaiting guests between Berlin Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) and the Chancellery are 339 rooms, three restaurants, a large conference centre and a ballroom. It is not known whether the chancellor has made an inaugural visit to the new hotel in her neighbourhood yet. But one thing is for sure: the hotel uses polar-white and anthracite switches from the Berker S.1 range – perfect for an establishment in such a prime location.

Project:  Steigenberger Hotel am Kanzleramt

Location: Berlin, Germany

Architect:  Ortner + Ortner Baukunst, Cornelia Markus-Diedenhofen (interior design)

Products & solutions: Berker S.1 switch system




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