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23rd January 2018

Great things happen when!*

A feminine community for networking, sharing and inspiring.

when!* is a feminine network for inspiration, sharing experience and solidarity at Hager Group. when! is all about meeting and exchanging ideas, contributing to women’s personal & professional development and valorising them in the workplace. The network, to which all Hager Group colleagues, both men and women, are welcome, has been active since October 2017.

From the start, the grass-root initiative generated a lot of enthusiasm and gained strong support at all levels of the company, including the sponsorship of Franck Houdebert, Hager Group Chief Human Resources Officer. Currently, when! has 64 members in France and an active task force of 18, responsible for running and developing the network. And this is only the start. when! is already spreading its wings: a local German section with currently 17 members and 4 on the active task force is now also up and running. The ambition of when! is to develop local sections in all Hager Group sites.

Within a short space of time, many actions and initiatives have allowed when! to grow stronger and learn, for example:

Mentoring programme:

Forming mentor-mentee duos for employees wanting to share and or develop their skillsoffers an opportunity to exchange on and develop intercultural, intergenerational and inter-departmental interests. To form the duos ‘speed-dating’” sessions were held, duos now meet on a regular basis over a six-month cycle.

- External networking and meetings with other companies:

Meeting with other women’s networks and communities creates links, generates ideas and extends horizons.

Indeed, the idea for when! came from meeting with Steelcase’s feminine network, its founders were a source of inspiration and encouragement for when!. Meeting with elle@legrand, an established network, offered valuable learnings about the best challenges to take on board.

And this is only the beginning!

Events, activities, meetings… and much more are on the horizon!

Indeed, great things happen when! employees feel more empowered, can exchange more freely, innovate the business and contribute to its and colleagues’ development.


W for women
H  for Hager Group
E  for energy, ethics, environment engagement, , electricity… the possibilities are endless
N  for network!

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