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La Chaudronnerie Arts Theatre (La Ciotat)

As a true memory of the shipyards of La Ciotat, the halls of La Chaudronnerie have been transformed into a beautiful and large auditorium. Its ambition: to assert itself as a high place of culture between Marseille and Toulon.

The volume capacities of this large nave of concrete, adapted for shipyards, have been preserved and are used to allow La Chaudronnerie to host a variety of shows with large audiences. The building is made up of a large hall with 500 seats, a further hall with 100 seats with adaptable stands and a 300 m2 art gallery on the mezzanine. The visitors enter through a large courtyard which opens towards the city and is designed to be a temporary exhibition centre. In the same way as with soundproofing, the power distribution and lighting have been taken care of with great attention.

Hager has been involved in installing high-power cabinets – from a main low-voltage 1,250 A switchboard to distribution switchboards – and a KNX protocol lighting management system. Touchscreens make it possible to control the light from a distance. Hager joined a team of specialists in charge of the renovation operation, whose goal was to make La Chaudronnerie shine far beyond La Ciotat. This challenge was a success and it is now one of the largest cultural facilities between Marseille and Toulon.

Project:  La Chaudronnerie Arts Theatre

Location: La Ciotat, France

Architect: Duchier-Pietra

Electrical installer: INEO

Panel Builder: SOFIE

Distributor: CGED

Products and solutions: Energy distribution (Hager main low-voltage 1,250 A switchboard), home automation (Systo KNX), lighting management system (Domovea)




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