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Ethical Sourcing

thical Sourcing
As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, when we select our suppliers we take into account their working conditions and environmental standards. Every partner has to pledge their commitment to our Sustainable Growth and Ethical Trade Policy, which lays down our principles with regard to environmental protection, human rights, working conditions and business ethics.

The precise wording of this policy can be found here (PDF, 222 KB).

Our latest United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress report can be found here.

The Ethics Charter, a reference framework based on values
A company's prosperity and sustainable development are based on the trust it inspires in its customers, suppliers and partners. This trust must also be present in the relationship between the company and its employees and among the employees themselves. This trust can be established, maintained and developed at all levels by respecting a number of principles and rules of conduct.

Hager Group has defined a set of rules in its Ethics Charter that apply to everyone involved and guide the company in the face of specific and sometimes complex situations.

The Ethics Charter was developed in 2012 and has been communicated and explained to all employees. It is displayed on all sites and in all departments.

Click here to download our Ethics Charter. (PDF) (PDF, 224 KB)

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