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Imagerie Medicale - Jean Causse Clinic (Colombiers)

Specialists are always in high demand when special requirements or problems arise. The Jean Causse clinic in Colombiers (South of France) specialises in the treatment of hearing disabilities and ear surgery. The surgeons at the clinic perform around 1,200 middle ear reconstructions each year. And as highly specialised operations like these require special, reliable solutions, Hager was almost the automatic choice for the building technology at the clinic.

Project:  Imagerie Medicale (Jean Causse-Klinik)

Location: Colombiers, France

Electrical installer: Rodelec

Panel Builder: Herelec 

Distributor: CGED

Products and solutions: Hager kallysta and systo switch series, Hager distribution cabinets, lighting controls, Hager KNX ETS shutter/blind actuators



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