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The new research and development building in Blieskastel

Late in 2013, Hager Group acquired an unusual new building at its headquarters on the Blieskastel site.

This building houses the group's product marketing services, engineering and testing laboratories on an area of 3,000m2.

It is a milestone in terms of simplicity and efficiency. It was designed to cover 70% of its average needs for electricity, heating and cooling through energy produced by 470 photovoltaic panels, a gas-powered CHP plant and, in time, a 30kW wind power plant, with the necessary remaining power drawn from the national grid. Depending on weather conditions (sunshine and wind speed), any surplus electricity is stored in batteries with a capacity of 100kWh and in the batteries of electric vehicles connected through the many charging terminals.

The building is equipped with a sophisticated management system that makes it possible to optimise the energy produced from the three renewable sources (solar, CHP and wind) on the one hand, and energy consumption on the other. This system works by learning and incorporates a large amount of data such as weather conditions, but also the consumption cycles related to the use of the building or the charging requirements of electric vehicles. The intelligent use of this information, gradually collected and consolidated, helps to reduce energy demand from the national grid day by day and therefore makes the building more energy independent.

The impact is both economic - significantly reducing energy bills - and environmental, since greenhouse gas emissions are minimised (52kg/m2/year) by consistently implementing renewable energy sources.

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