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Crédit Agricole (Chessy, France)

This new contemporary-design office complex of high environmental quality, benefits from an electrical installation that ensures an efficient operation to meet energy saving objectives and equipment optimisation.

At over 9,000 m2, the building includes offices for 400 employees, shops and services including a bank branch, a cooperative shop, a green terrace and an inter-company crèche with 40 cots! A 400-seat conference centre is also planned.

While we could keep telling you the full story, this time we’re delighted to have first-hand testimonials about how things went during this exceptional job. Firstly, let’s hear what Damien Dollé, the EEP project manager and Christophe Delique of Etablissement Delique, had to say about working with Hager on this fantastic project.

Damien Dollé on working with Hager and agardio:

Planning and Relationships
“During the job we needed Hager's help as regards the plans, diagrams, calculations and the help of the panel builder for the installations. Obviously we took charge of on-site procedures and provided assistance. There was a real guiding principle and teamwork that you rarely see.”

Sustainability and agardio
“These are new systems which make it possible to measure, count and centralise energy consumption information, and to monitor the physical state of the installation: the slightest defect or problem is immediately reported, which makes it possible to analyse the site's data.”

Christophe Delique talks about Hager, ingenuity and the LV board:

Ingenuity for the main distribution board
“The room was a bit of a mess and is an inconvenient L shape! It took a real team effort to solve the problem. We worked together to find ingenious technical solutions to save space and so on, the result was we now have a main distribution board worthy of the name!”  

Partners you can bank on
“My client wanted some support with this project. Which is when I suggested Hager, who have extremely effective technical support channels. The fact that Hager produces all the wiring diagrams meant my client was able to spend less time in the office. This really was an added bonus and didn't stretch the budget. A real partnership between Hager, EEP and us. Everything went smoothly and everyone is pleased with the outcome. This is important to point out. It's not every day that there is such harmony on-site.” 

And the final word goes to Vincent Baron, MLI Department Manager, Credit Agricole at Brie, Picardie:

Energy savings, safety and hi-tech solutions
"As far as the electrical installation is concerned, we wanted to benefit from a reliable and secure high-tech installation that would enable us to save energy and optimise the performance of our equipment. Hager is one of the major players in the field. They are a leader in the commercial sector, so it is a guarantee of quality and the assurance of state-of-the-art equipment. "

Big thanks to Damien, Christophe and Vincent for taking the time to share their experiences of working on such a nice project. Congratulations to all involved!


Project: Crédit Agricole (Chessy, France)

Location: Chessy, France

Products & Solutions: h3+ Energy, h3+ switch, compact source inverter, source inverter on h3+, new controller



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