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Double chargers (Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

In an earlier project, charging stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina were already presented. The journey of chargers continues in the City of Bijeljina.

Located on the main city square is a newly built handicap accessible area – intended as a waiting area for disabled citizens for whose transport the city bought an electric van. The electric van is planned to offer free transportation to every handicapped citizen who wishes to use that city service.

As for the chargers for electric vehicles, the city of Bijeljina chose Hager XEV653C double chargers, thanks to efforts of our partners from EP mobile who have been promoting our chargers for over 2 years.

Bijeljina is the city in Bosnia in the far North-East of Bosnia. Hager chargers are located on the main square just in front of the City assembly building, built in 1910, and designed by an unknown Austrian architect in the style of Neoclassicism.



Project: Double Chargers
Location: City of Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Products & solutions: Hager XEV653C charger
External Partner: EP Mobile



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