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Since 1990 Diagral has been one of the leading brands in the field of wireless alarm systems on the European market. 
It was their convincing technology, which leveraged Diagral products of radio controlled alarm systems in the do-it-yourself stores. The characteristic features of the Diagral brand are a high degree of reliable radio technology, ease of installation by the end-user while they are easy-to-use.

The distribution network
The alarm systems of the Diagral brand were the first of their kind to be sold in the do-it-yourself stores. Diagral products are sold on the French, Belgian and Italian markets and are presented at more than 1000 distributors.

Customer satisfaction is of vital interest to Diagral. This is why Diagral puts a strong emphasis on excellent service:
-  further training courses
-  hotlines
-  extended guarantees

At Diagral, Innovation is spelled with a capital ’I’.
Those who demand improved performance, also demand an increase in research and development (R&D). This is why Diagral’s team of engineers and technicians is permanently striving to advance the range of products and check and control them regarding:
- special integrated circuitry
- advanced microprocessors containing software of the latest generation
- investigations of the saturation of radio waves, based on numerous existing patents

Diagral products are in accordance with the European engineer standards and carry therefore the marking CE:
- Low Voltage Directive
- EMC Directive
- R&TTE Directive

Diagral worldwide:
For more informations please visit our website   www.diagral.com

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